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What is a Talking ATM?

A Talking ATM is a type of automated teller machine (ATM) that provides audible instructions so that persons who cannot read an ATM screen can independently use the machine. The world’s first talking ATM for the blind was an NCR machine unveiled by the Royal Bank of Canada on October 22, 1997 at a bank branch on the corner of Bank Street and Queen Street in Ottawa, Ontario.


Talking ATM in India: Union Bank of India became the first bank to make electronic banking easier for the visually impaired with its “talking” ATM. India’s first “talking” Automated Teller Machine has been inaugurated in Ahmedabad. The ATM by the UBI is the first of its kind for the visually challenged.


According to functionaries of the Blind People’s Association, the users have to plug-in a headphone into the ATM which has a unique voice interface and once it is done the machine guides them into further operations.


The ATM can also be operated by wheel chair-bound persons as well.


Tarak Luhar, visually impaired since birth, was the first to withdraw money from the country’s first ‘Talking ATM’ installed by the Union Bank of India.


The following steps to operate this talking ATM Machine.




  1. Customer inserts the Audio jack.


  1. The customer is greeted by the ATM with a message “Welcome to State Bank ATM”


  1. The customer is prompted by the ATM to select the language of his choice. “Press 1 forEnglish; Press 2 for Hindi”


  1. The talking ATM confirms the selection of language. “You have selected English/Hindi as thelanguage of your choice” based on the customer’s input.


  1. The ATM prompts the customer to select the volume level. “Press 1 to increase the volume.Press 2 to decrease the volume”


  1. The ATM prompts to select the display option, whether to hide or show the transaction onthe screen for privacy. “Press 1 to hide the screen. Press 2 to show the screen”


  1. The ATM prompts the customer to select whether he requires the orientation of the ATM.


“Press 1 to hear the orientation. Press 2 to skip the orientation”


  1. If the customer selects to hear the orientation, The ATM describes the lay out of the ATM.


After hearing the orientation the ATM prompts the customer whether he wants the ATM to  repeat the orientation. “Press 1 for Yes. Press 2 to continue the transaction”


  1. The ATM requests the customer to insert their ATM card and remove it.


  1. The ATM asks the customer to enter their ATM PIN. “Please enter your PIN and press the


enter key”

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