Karna Vidya Foundation

Empowerment through Employment for Persons with Visual Impairment.

( Rehabilitation, career guidance and counseling services to persons with visual Impairments children and adults for education, livelihood opportunities.)

Visually impaired need to be made independent

She lost her vision when she had just stepped into youth. But it did not stop her from doing things girls of her age would normally do. Jidnyasa Chawaldhal, the sole female Nagpur Heroes awardee, could not adapt to mobility but today her students are alone crossing busy city roads and cooking full meals for their families.

Visualization has always been her sixth sense and keeps her motivated to work towards empowering the disabled.

Excerpts from the interview …

Q. How has winning the award changed your life?

A. The award has given me something which I needed the most at this stage — recognition, especially among the educated class. Right after I won, a reputed institution of the city invited me as a chief guest for their Women’s Day programme. Some days back, I called up a donor who congratulated me as soon as he picked up the phone. He had read about my work in The Times of India and didn’t think twice before giving me an affirmative response. This was when I realized that the award has not just given me an identity but has also brought my work in the mainstream.

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