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Name. Srinivasan.
Joined Date; 2/04/ 2016
Designation : Telecaller
Company : BPO Call Centre

I am joining Ccct Computer Training Courts Karna Vidhiya Tecknagy Centre I am currently doing
My Computer chief trainer of Sasikumar sir Then again co= trainer of Veivek anantham sir the institute of manager yuvaraj sir
the courts of all way student to employability help for you coordinator of Raghuraman sir
the courts of tittles for student of communication skills and loaning English skills and mobility training employability skills all way materials taking for you shoed be trainer

the courts of daily schedules and report responsibility one by one student to give you responsibility
every day morning typing wormop line practice and middle line practice ascending dissenting Letters and new words practice some time Student deck take stories typing practice how many prominent words typing speed fingering movement and spelling errors and Spelling accuracy schekit for you typing tracker manager taking responsibility some time spelling tool practice this is spelling tool ass very good many new words of I am loaning to spelling tool words this is tools is very supported because my hone practice particular words and new words I am loaning this is very useful thanks for you enable India trainers then again student status finally feedback report sending for you trainer then again spoken English class continue the English chief trainee of karthika madam the class is very interested my opinion this is class very good performance good teaching I am loaning English next again English worker thinks audio taking how do you student understood lisoning karthika madam is very loan teaching English class is very good

thanks for karthika madam

sometime English class teaching sasikumar sir taking responsibility this is class is very good teaching is very very super good performance is very fine

for example

I am interested I am has him some one doubt particular aria proper with tell me How do student loaning English shoed be the courts of student status report trainer sir take it responsibility

Thanks for sasikumar sir

Then again march first week enable India chief trainer annanth sir coming from Chennai visited my Karna vidhiya tecknalagy centre computer training courts how do going to coaching status visited then again one month taking coaching class ananth sir the student is how do changed habit and responsibility loaning how do uses mobility Cain practice daily evening four o clock to five o clock daily particular aria practice mobility training kvtc ceif trainer sasikumar sir and enable India chief trainer ananth sir how do student going to uses mobility Cain fallow up proper with monitor

English class is very good bbk loaning English audio one time three time four time reputed any time I am ask him dout teaching the class is very good I am interested thanks for your ananth sir

Next again June first week the institute of manager dhenashkumar
All way responsibility take it student status report sending the mail for you particular aria

The courts of all way student feedback

Weekly report

Daily report and daily schedule report student of weekly progress report how do well student status finally feedback send it for you sasikumar sir to manager of dhenash kumar sir

All way student of tittles and how many computer exercise and schedule reports send it for you enable India
Next august 6 first week I am finishing my computer training courts

The courts of feedback

The courts is very good performance trainer sasikumar and the manager of dhenesh kumar very good person I am operating system how do uses computer supported screen reader lisoning very easy I am loaning basick computer and ms office word editing file folder management taskbar desktop start menu particular aria loaning all way reason my sasikumar sir teaching very good chief trainer of sasikumar thanks for you very much

Then again august 8. I am going to job bbo call centre joining help of sasikumar sir and my coordinator of raghuraman sir very helping for my employability skill and job give you particular company sending
Thanks for computer trainer sasikumar sir and coordinator raghuraman sir and manager of dhenesh kumar and my English chief trainee of volunteer karthika madam thanks for very much this is courts is very super.
That solve.

Thanks for very much

Your fatefully

I am Srinivasan.

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