Karna Vidya Foundation

Empowerment through Employment for Persons with Visual Impairment.

( Rehabilitation, career guidance and counseling services to persons with visual Impairments children and adults for education, livelihood opportunities.)

About Us

Karna Vidya Foundation is a registered non-profit trust – 42/IV/2016 led by the visually impaired along with well-wishers and volunteers of the Foundation. This is a flagship project initiated by Rotary club of Madras Coromandel (RCMC) in the year 1999.

In the course of its journey with the visually impaired across Tamil Nadu and beyond, the RCMCians has understood the capabilities of the visually impaired and believed that “the blind can lead the blind” in all it’s positive sense.

Blindness or being visually impaired is only a physical condition and it has nothing to do with nurturing life in its totality. Reflecting on the principle “Nothing about us without us” of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD,) the RCMC has facilitated the Karna Vidya project to flower as a foundation led by the blind themselves.

Here we are! Voicing our thoughts, ideas and future to see a right based society that would empower all our friends to lead a self-reliant and independent life. Technology is a vital tool through which one could become empowered and achieve excellence in all walks of life.

It is much more advantageous to Persons with visual impairment.

“Engage Technology and gain competency!”

We welcome you all to walk with us to achieve greater gains in terms of independence and participation. The power of Coalition is the way to success!